Smarter water begins with Caroma Smart Command ®


Smart Command® is an ecosystem of intelligent products

It enables building managers to monitor water use in real-time and make smarter decisions that reduce maintenance costs, while improving hygiene and up time.

Innovation to Support Our Company's Mission to Protect and Conserve Water

Make Water Smarter

As demand on Australian water continues to increase, it is vital we use water wisely, to protect and preserve our most important resource. With over 75 years experience in providing sustainable water solutions throughout Australia, Caroma brings you the latest innovation in water management.


An Intelligent System: Technology to seamlessly integrate with Caroma's range of touchless bathroom products

The Smart Command system features wireless technology that controls and manages water in a way not possible until now. The technology is seamlessly integrated with Caroma's range of touchless bathroom products to precisely track every detail, from water usage to the number of activations.

Precisely track every detail:

Data is continuously collected, from water usage to the number of activations.

intelligent System

This data is collected continuously and can be accessed locally from a mobile app or integrated to an existing Building Management Systems or on cloud platforms. This information empowers the facility manager to make informed decisions and monitor the impact instantaneously, driving efficiencies such as cleaning and maintenance resourcing.

App integration allows:

  • Flushing volume control
  • Water pressure control
  • Usage statistics
  • Hygiene monitoring and control

Monitor the impact simultaneously to drive cleaning and maintenance efficiencies







Smart Command® is the missing link in measuring and monitoring a buildings performance. Our aim is to make life easier for building owners and managers by creating superior, sustainable solutions for water, now and into the future.

Smarter water begins with Caroma Smart Command®

Smart Command Products

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