A Splash of Colour

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Our guide on adding colour to your bathroom.

Transforming a room can be as simple as adding colour. Choosing a colour scheme that you and your family will live with day-in and day-out can be a little daunting. To overcome this, many people simply default to plain neutral themes. With a bit of creativity and an awareness of how colour can affect your bathroom, one can certainly transform the room into something more exciting.


Size matters

Before considering what colours to use, have a look at the size of your bathroom. Small bathrooms best suit lighter and more neutral colours to create an illusion of a larger space, while larger bathrooms handle more solid and bold colours well. 


Colour scheme

The colour wheel is the most basic way of showing what colours and colour schemes might work well together for your bathroom. Using the colour wheel, you can choose between the three basic schemes. 

A tonal scheme uses only one colour but in varying tones, or uses more than one colour but all with the same depth of tone. For example, you may decide to use a dark blue colour for the wall and add some light blue tiles to the floor. 

A harmonious scheme uses colours next to each other or near each other on the colour wheel, such as green and blue. As the name suggests, this scheme is easy on the eye and produces a pleasant ambience. 

A complementary scheme is a high-contrast look that uses colours that lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. Complementary colour schemes are for the daring and create a bold statement. Think of the vibrancy found in a bathroom of purple and yellow. 


Inspired by nature

If the colour wheel has left you with more questions than answers, have no fear - take a look outside your window and use nature as your guide. From the warm orange and pink tones seen during a sunset, to the earthy greens and browns found in the city park, use anything that may inspire you. If you see a colour combination you like, you can certainly use those colours and their variations as a starting point for your bathroom makeover.


Creating mood

Colour is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a mood. Before you settle on a shade, ask yourself how you want to feel in your bathroom. Do you want to feel relaxed and calm or energised and stimulated? Whatever mood you decide to convey, certain colours can help you achieve this. 

RED - Red denotes passion. It is the most vibrant and energetic colour. Red can be sexy and sophisticated when executed with the right elements. 

BLUE - Think blue waters and blue skies. Blue is a common choice for bathrooms as it is thought to be the safest colour. Most people like blue and associate it with peace, tranquillity and cleanliness. 

GREEN - Green is life. Linked to elements of nature, green signifies growth, renewal and fertility. Like blue, green can create a calming and peaceful effect. 

BLACK/WHITE - Although not technically recognised as colours, black and white - especially when teamed together - can create sophistication, elegance and classiness. An all-white bathroom colour scheme allows you to experiment with different colours through your accessories. Black, on the other hand, is a bold choice and requires clever execution as you have to think of adequate lighting. 

Materials to match

Once you've decided on the colours that you want to add to your bathroom, be mindful of the other elements that will go into or are currently in your bathroom. Ensure the materials you have (or plan to have) in your bathroom are appropriate for your colour choice. So how do you effectively add colour in your bathroom?

TILES - One way to add colour is through your tiles. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. If you currently have tiles in your bathroom, you don't necessarily have to re-tile the whole bathroom. To add a splash of colour, simply chip out some old tiles and replace with some coloured ones. 

PAINT - Paint is the perfect place to start experimenting with colour in your bathroom. Easy and inexpensive, walls can be effortlessly repainted, especially if you get tired of the colour. You don't have to paint every single wall. A stylish way to make your bathroom stand out is to opt for a feature wall. 

TAPWARE/BASINS - A bathroom is not complete without complementing tapware. Today's tapware range offers homeowners and renovators a huge range of choices, all designed to challenge traditional styles. Clean chrome tapware suggests high quality and elegance, while white or coloured tapware best suit traditional and heritage themes. 

Your bathroom. Your choice.

Whatever route you decide to go, the oldest rule of colour selection is your own personal taste. If you don't like the colour to start off with, things will only get worse. Let your inner stylist come out and pick colours that suit your personality. Colours can completely transform your space, so have fun choosing the things that you like, but make sure they also work well with the overall colour and theme of the rest of your home.